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Our approach to teacher training is simple.  We believe that learning to teach  yoga is another aspect of your practice.  There is no book or manual containing the knowledge you need to teach.  It develops over time through an intimate and personal relationship with teachers as well as through your own personal practice and experience.  Our commitment is to honestly share the information and knowledge we have in the tradition of all the great teachers who passed their knowledge to us. 

In our teacher training, you will learn how to observe students accurately, address individual needs, explain postures fully, and make adjustments safely with compassion.  Practical experience and open discussions with teachers and students will help you deepen your own personal practice as well as develop and refine your teaching skills.  In the end, we believe it is knowledge that counts.

As a participant in our teacher training programs you can expect to practice, break down, and learn to teach the asanas of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga.  We will also include some of the asanas of the intermediate and advanced series.  You will develop a solid understanding of anatomy, the sequence of the Primary series and how to use it to develop sequences of your own that are safe, challenging, and therapeutic. 

We use the Ashtanga system as the basis for our teacher training because it is the basis of all vinyasa flow yoga being taught today.  Whether you want to teach Ashtanga, vinyasa, or any other type classes, it is important to know the basics, which to us is the Ashtanga system.  Just as all great musicians must begin by playing scales, we believe you must have a thorough understanding of the depth and discipline of Ashtanga yoga to become a complete teacher.  We are not trying to make you a teacher of a particular style or brand of yoga but rather trying to help you become the best teacher and practitioner you can be.  Remember we are sometimes teachers but always students.

In addition to studying the traditional yoga techniques of asana, pranayama, and meditation, we will help you become familiar with relevant anatomy and physiology and the relationship of yoga and ayurveda.  You will also study portions of the classic vedic texts for we believe that yoga is more then the exercise form that has become so popular today. 

Whether you wish to teach yoga or just deepen your own knowledge and practice, you should be prepared to work hard, expand your mind, challenge your body, and have fun. 

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We conduct one of the most comprehensive workshops and Teacher Training Programs in the country.  Whether you wish to teach or just deepen your own knowledge and practice, our unique programs emphasizing experiential learning and individual instruction are sure to be the right choice.  

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