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Living a Yogic Life in a Modern World

Ether is the element that contains everything, so it is naturally considered the highest of the five elements.  All that has happened and will happen, including our lasting impressions and the root causes of everything that we cannot explain exist in the Ether.  In other words, it is the space in which everything happens and yet out of all the elements, it is the only one not visible.  In our modern world it is easy for our Ether to become dark and dense with too much accumulated negativity and dirt.  This is called the “bad Karma”.  When our body gets dirty we take a bath or shower and when our cloths get dirty we wash them, but how do we wash the dirt from the Ether for it is our very soul.  To answer that question we must understand how our soul or Ether accumulates dirt.

Negative emotions and actions make us dirty.  Jealousy, anger, gluttony, lies, cheating, stealing, lust, obsession, dishonesty are all negative forces.  They are mental ailments that harm us more then those who are our victims. Jarring sounds affect the Ether also as well as our mental balance so we need to find quiet time in our day.  The practice of yoga and meditation are both tools to relax and balance the mind and clear the inner clutter.  It also helps to clean and purify yourself.  Other tools that we can use to cleanse ourselves are mantras, prayers, chanting, compassion, charity, gratitude, and repentance.  When you feel something is not right in your life and you are unhappy, unhealthy, or unwell, learn to recognize that it is time to cleanse the Ether.